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Baby Birds in the Studio :-) - Cockatiel_Khaos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Baby Birds in the Studio :-) [Oct. 12th, 2004|07:58 am]
Khaos: Where Slaves rant about their Bird Masters
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First off, here's an icon I created. We Canadians just celebrated Thanksgiving, and I figured some American folk would want a Thanksgiving icon :-) . I took a Lot of Pictures at dinner this year, LOL! This image was too cool to not use as an Icon!

If anyone asks, cockatiel_art did it !

Redshift and Swindle now have TWO (I repeat: TWO) babies! **squeak of glee!** .The oldest one is Fuzzbutt. I'll find a good name for him/her sooner or later :-) .The second one is Spookie. Linda (my neighbor upstairs), suggested Pookie, but I thought Spookie sounded better as he/she was born in October :-D . I thought Spookie with an 'ie';' would be an interesting way to spell the fid's name :-) . Now I have to find a better name for Fuzz! I'm thinking of something Wolfman related.

I'm uncertain with baby number two's appearance, but it could be worse. I could have 16 rats.... . Many folks want a baby bird off me. I'm ALWAYS being asked for babies, though when I has adults, few people were interested. Go figure...

I'm going to try co parenting the babies. That means I will pull the babies for occassional feedings but keep them with their parents. Apparently the birds assosiate well with humans AND birds as adults. I've also heard they make excellent breeders. Most 'breeders' are not cuddly and most handfeds bond to humans rather than other birds. This is a general rule, though :-) . Co-parented birds accept both humans and birds, so it doesn't matter who they're with. Its hard work and you have to have the right breeding pair. Redshift is friendly, so I think I'll try it with Fuzz and SPookie. Its the first time I've co parented, so I hope things turn out okay !

Picture Time! :

Fuzzbutt is on the left. Spookie is the tiny guy on the right :-) . Day old tiels are about as long as your thumbnail. At longest, they are as long as the space between the thumb tip and the first joint. They are TINY!

Here's another image I have of the babies, but I had to dick around with it. It still doesn't look right...

Mom and dad on the babies. Mom was about ready to take my arm off! **giggles**