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[Sep. 21st, 2004|04:36 pm]
Khaos: Where Slaves rant about their Bird Masters



So it turns out I won't be getting the adorable "paikea" for my original breeder I had lined up...I actually found one who lives only ten minutes from my house! And I already chose my new babe...and he/she is absolutely georgous!!! I don't know the sex yet but hopefully I will soon. If it is a male he will be called "Lester" and if she is a female the lovely name of "Cecilia" will adorn her pretty little self. So enough talk...onto the pics!!!



"Aren't I just the cutest???"

"Oh and check out me pretty pearls."


From: cockatiel_art
2004-10-06 06:01 pm (UTC)


A very handsome birdy indeed! How is the fella doing now? I **LOVE pearl Pieds. When I can, I will try to establish pearl Pied whitefaces in my avairy :-D .

One of my birds went off to a new home. Then my split to whiteface cock decides he likes Swindle, after staring at her for a year and a half. Now they got three eggs. **Sighs**. They were doing the horizontal tango so often (THREE TIMES A DAY FOR A WEEK! OMG! Can you say 'determined??!!') that I had no other choice but to give them a nest box. It was that, or have eggs laid on the bottom of the community cage :-| . I think I know what threw them into breeding mode. I always have the light on at night, as I work on the computer. I'm a freelance artist. The birds are in the 'puter room. Despite being covered, the light was enough to convince them (and my other bonded pairs) that it was breeding season. AAK! Time to keep the light off at night!

Good luck with your new love!

Domnijoe Pets and Art
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