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Heyla all :-) [Aug. 28th, 2004|01:00 am]
Khaos: Where Slaves rant about their Bird Masters
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I just started this community because I got tired of reading through communities that were so badly designed that I could **NOT** read them. Heaven forbid I had to look for an image! And some of the colours... **shudders** Hopefully things will be easier to dig through here. :-) I'll start off showcasing my little brats.

I'm still in the process of creating an icon for the community. I have maaaaaaany pix I can use. I have to shrink 'em, though. **sigh** It would be easier if I had Photoshop installed. **shrugs** Ah well. All things in due time :-)

Now onto the pix!!

Redshift being cute...

Mindwipe claiming me as her territory.. AGAIN. (Mine! ALL MINE! Not yours, **MINE!!**)

Sky Dive (the grey guy) and Sling Shot (the pearl hen)

AAAAAAND lastly, Moonie, my peach front conure, before he died :-(


[User Picture]From: cherryelfkisses
2004-09-06 06:58 pm (UTC)
Aww..what cuties! I love that third pic of the tiels. Your conure was beautiful too.

BTW I joined your community, and it was my pleasure to make the first "member" post. :)
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